My Girl....

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My Girl....

Mesajde Crystalized » Sâm Mai 22, 2004 6:58 pm

Hiya everyone!This is my mini-journal and I'd like to make it as private as possible.I will write in English cause it's more important especially for me not being in Romania and never turning back only on holidays.So I'll try to forget this language and concentrate on a very moderate English pronunciation.
I have to warn you:there will be a few mistakes,but I suppose the leader allows me to make a few snapshots now and then ;w .

Also I'd love to write daily and probably I'd get very mad if someone deleted my posts.Please DON'T DO that.If u have something to say,don't avoid confrontation.
Well...starting today the 22th May I am sitting here in my ugly room trying to make a living by babysitting a nasty welsh child.I absolutely hate kids,I don't know how to behave myself around them,..those ugly creatures that play with toys.mmmm..I'll wait the day of my salary ;n not too much but only this way I can go to movies which I love the most.Sunny day and mean people..that's how I feel about the atmosphere surrounding me.Well...I 'm fortunate :cool: .....

Mesajde Crystalized » Mar Mai 25, 2004 12:52 am

Here I am again listening to this wonderful song called 100 Miliona Ljubavi (100 millions kisses) by Deen,this extremely gorgeous Bosnian artist. I really recommand you his own and very special site : :B I want to say that this guy is everything that I could wish for: blonde, sassy,blue eyes, genuine look in general. Why can't I have a bf like that? ;s

As far as I'm concerned I get on pretty well with my mates here at school but the problem is that I'm missing the Italian hunk that conquered my heart last summer. Guys are so cheap and unromantic.Why they always dump a girl after a summer fling?Please, can someone explain me that! [-o I really need some tips for busting my self-esteem. Ok.I've decided i'm not going to school tomorrow cause it annoys me, I'm developing a strange allergy by staying in that filthy unorganised school. Bless me for getting rid of her soon ;M .

Mesajde Crystalized » Mar Mai 25, 2004 9:57 pm

Hello gals!

Everything is perfect today ;b I got my Ucas report and it seems that I really am I good student.I have 2 say I'm not crying for compliments especially if my parents read this..that would be awful..make it private in a simple way.I saw a very young boy walking in the center today and I really fell in love with him. Now I'm sitting here thinking about that young cute and fresh 12 yr old boy. Those big huge brown eyes..that lovely voice drives me crazy. Is it normal to get involved in this type of relationship :nope: I am desperate to hug him...cuddling and maybe some kisses..why not? So what if I'm 19 :hehe: a 7 yr difference is no big deal.

Before I leave I have 2 mention: This guy is a very flamboyand designer with a fantastic dressing sense.One of my favourites.

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