adding jailbreak iphone 4 7.1

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adding jailbreak iphone 4 7.1

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Once Snowbreeze detects that the firmware we downloaded and the display will show the image of the device to which it relates, proceed to the next page where we will have 4 options: Simple mode: create a custom firmware from the official image downloaded automatically with preset parameters. Expert mode: where we select what things we want to include in the custom firmware that will create.

Baseband Preservation Mode: this is the way to upgrade to iOS 6.1 without changing the baseband equipment, but what we get is a terminal in the latest version of the system without jailbreak. Snowbreeze Notably, none of his ways, does it update the baseband, but the latter is specific for a clean upgrade to iOS, but with this peculiarity. The next screen will allow us to install all the tweaks jailbreak iphone 4 7.1 hit we want to have as SBSettings or other from the start. Browse through the tabs and downloads and installs those who believe most convenient sources (sources).

Yet we press full blue arrow button and give it to "Build IPSW". The process of creating the custom firmware takes some time, and if we entertain, Snowbreeze gives us the opportunity to play a game Pacman. Once complete, the time to put the terminal in DFU mode, the program itself will guide us to it and then connect the USB cable to the computer arrives. Upon the latter, iTunes will open and tell that recognizes a terminal in DFU mode.
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